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Being the best means not only developing world-class air compressor systems, but also standing behind that equipment and beside our customers during planning, installation, maintenance and assessments. Depends on Ingersoll Rand’s wide range of air compressors to be technologically advanced, high reliable, low maintenance and extremely energy efficient.

Reciprocating Compressor

Ingersoll Rand’ Type 30 Compressor has been the world leader in reciprocating compressors since 1929.

Used for General Purpose operations, intermittent pressurized air.
Industries: Tyre filling, maintenance, painting, sand blasting, textiles, machine operations, PET Bottle Manufacturing, chemicals, etc.

  • Wide range of portable & stationary compressors in gas, electric & high pressure models from
          0.75-30kW (1-40 hp)
  • High quality components and cast iron construction for superior durability
  • Legendary reliability in any environment

Rotary Screw Compressor

Our Rotary Screw Compressors have been widely accepted the world over. Known for their efficiency, and the maximum output, Ingersoll Rand Rotary Screw Compressors require the least maintenance.

Oil Flooded

In an oil-flooded rotary screw compressor, oil is injected into the compression cavities to aid sealing and provide cooling sink for the gas charge. The oil is separated from the discharge stream, then cooled, filtered and recycled. The oil captures non-polar particulates from the incoming air, effectively reducing the particle loading of compressed air particulate filtration.

  • Contact-cooled compressors available in sizes from 2.2 – 350kW (3-470 hp) to meet varied
          needs for air quality
  • Precision rotors available with variable speed drive option to maximise efficiency.
  • Web-enabled controls available to allow for easy system monitoring

Oil Free

Used typically in Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and food industry, IR Oil Free Compressors are known for delivering Class 0 air.

Oil-free compressors are used in applications where entrained oil carry-over is not acceptable, such as medical research and semiconductor manufacturing. However, this does not preclude the need for filtration as hydrocarbons and other contaminants ingested from the ambient air must also be removed prior to the point-of-use. Subsequently, air treatment identical to that used for an oil-flooded screw compressor is frequently still required to ensure a given quality of compressed air.

  • Reliable workhorse since 1993 with capacity ranging from 13-113 m3 /min (471 – 4000 cfm) to
          meet any demand
  • Stainless steel rotors with UltraCoat rotor coating protect against wear and maximize efficiency
  • 100% oil – free air with full ISO Class 0 certification

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